About Morgan

Art is more than just some canvas you put on a wall. More often than not the art tells a story. Art has the ability to be interpreted in many different ways and that ability alone is intrigueing. 

Art, to me, is inspirational and therapeutic. Art is my life. For example, trees are not just trees. They are full of linework, pattern, and color. They are full of possibility when it comes to asking myself "what do I paint next?". This whole world has a multitude of possibility when it comes to art.

My mission in sharing my art is to not only impact my customers, but to also allow for one to see a different perspective on the world around them. As a graduate, with a Communications degree, from Biola university, I am excited for all the conversations my art and art in general will inspire.  

The reason I chose the name Double Loves Designs is because I also love to write poetry. On the back of every piece of art I sell there will be some piece of my poetry on the back. I want you to not only see the beauty in visual art, but also written art. 

Doubles Loves, 

Morgan Johnson

​Micah 6:8