-R A C E L E S S-

Society prejudiceless
What a world that would be
All colors simply free
But this world is in confusion
Creating harm and contusions
Culture isn’t appreciated
its confined and unliberated
We can learn from each other
but we choose to hate one another
Hate starts small
like jokes in a school hall
Such as the white man are all racist
and rich bigots
The black man always steals
and is in crime newsreels
The asian can’t drive
but in math they really thrive
The mexicans steal our jobs
and add to our mobs
The middle easterns are all muslim
and terrorism is their custom
Society loves to be stereotypical
but everyone is unpredictable
See color as unique
For we are all red underneath
The same blood resides the living
but is shed from hate's misgiving
Many live in fear
Not only the colored, but the queer
You may have your opinion
But love should take dominion
There isn’t one love, there’s additional
Lets choose love unconditional
Don’t let love stick to romance
For love was made to spark advance
love acts justly,
loves mercy and walks humbly

We live in a society where success is desired.
All we want in life is to be hired. Wanted. Loved by those around us. But we feel stunted. We only see the failures that surround us. We beat ourselves up for missing the mark. We go as far as leaving our arms scarred. What about success in love? If its unachieved we feel shoved. Unloved. A place where negative emotions rise above. LOVE. The emotion we seem to be deprived of. Men seek after women and Women after men. Even same sex to same sex. The fight for love is not simple. It’s complex. Ignore Hollywood. Their love is misunderstood. Loves not sugar coated. Its gloated. Negatively promoted. We seek after affection. Security and satisfaction. To be approved. Tight-Gripping the emotions that make us moved. Obsessed with vanity. Where makeup and cars impede on our sanity. Listen, We’ve become too involved in this world’s sick calamity. What’s wrong with humanity? We are lost. Too stubborn to see the whole cost. A man gave up His life, but we focus on our strife. A man came to love, but instead we ignore Him. Set on a life where we implore men. We are blinded by the world’s view, but a man was sent for me and for you. We scar our own skin, but a man did that first to cover our sin. Nails through His hands and nails through his feet. Why don’t we stop our search and take a seat.
It’s lacking on this earth
A human goes through life discovering their purpose
But a lot of the time they only see the surface
Humans are meant to prosper
But others’ opinions are why insecurities are fostered
Undeserved hate
It really permeates
We wonder why a sidewalk could be home
But its because hope doesn’t take the throne
Society places standards
Which brings about slander
Media has a hay day
All from someone’s mistake made
Sure people are flawed
But that’s why we have a God
For a human’s grace is fleeting
God awaits man’s greeting
With plans to prosper you, not to harm you
To Him you are WORTH it to pursue
I am young. I am voiceless to some. Its 2016 and an opinion makes the multitude scream. To speak is like walking on broken glass. One mistake and you better make a run for it and fast.  We desire to be heard, but our confidence is blurred. Now isn’t that absurd. We cling to fear and our opinion is deterred. We appeal to the masses. For to differ would put us on our asses. We promote individuality, but that really isn’t reality. But I implore you audience. Don’t let society cause your silence. For you are of importance and to lose yourself just makes no sense. Be the example, for the results could be ample.
It dissipates.
Like moments.
Our mind fixates.
Past times, remembrance.
We breathe in.
Embrace the high.
Engage in sin.
Moments, make us fly.
Moments are life’s drugs.
Desired to be replayed, re-seen.
Emotional mental tugs.
It dissipates.
Like moments.
Inhale, mentally gravitate.
Nostalgic presence.



I view God as a loving father but also a kind of litigator in life. He celebrates my successes and walks me through hardships and struggles but he also teaches me lessons when I slip up or make decisions that are particularly negative or selfish. I wouldn't call it a love/hate relationship because I can't hate God, sometimes I just don't understand his plans or the way in which he works for my ultimate growth as a human being. 

To me God is a being and feeling that I feel I would like to be close to but can never fully grasp. As a child, God was represented to me as a judge. If you mess up he sees- so you bette the doing the right thing at all things. "Would you do that if Jesus was here?" People would ask. It was a scare tactic. As if you can scare someone into heaven. I don't feel as though I loved God or felt his love as much as I loved the idea of not going to hell. As I have grown older and have formulated and constructed my own thoughts throughout the years, I have begun to understand  that God is love. A weird concept. Someone I don't know, haven't seen, haven't felt, loves me more than physical person on this earth. Sounds weird right? Yeah. That's why it's hard to grasp.
However it is the love of Jesus that has prompted and motivated me to love others in this way. At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is human connection and loving people the way Jesus loved us. In a way that is pure and everlasting. Imagine if more people loved like this. Our world would be transformed. Into one of hope. One of passion. And one of peace.
It is my goal to silence all other confusion of God, and focus on understanding more of His love and how I can share this with others.

God. Redeemer. Forgiver. Father. Grace Giver. There are many names that define who my God is. To me He is the person who has held me up in all my hard times. I know I would not be here today without God. He saved my life in so many different ways. I constantly question who God is, but I do not question that He exists. God constantly gives me hope and constantly reminds me of the worth I possess.